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Just Wright Sharpening



If you want the very finest sharpening job done on your expensive shears this is it.

This method is used at the factories in Japan to polish the edge of high quality convex shears to be razor sharp.

Almost all sharpeners use a Flat Hone to sharpen convex shears.

Flat hones will sharpen convex shears. I know as I have three flat hones that I use.

I have a Kuda, Hira-To and a Scimech these are all expensive machines that cost thousands.

Using water when sharpening keeps the metal cool so that your shears will stay sharp longer.

This is the wet sharpening area.

                                                               These are some of the japanese waterstones we use to sharpen convex shears.

Every shear is taken completly apart and hand honed on the inside edge.

This makes them not only extra smooth but also very sharp.

It is time and labor intensive but it must be done to achieve the perfect edge.