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Clipper Blade Sharpener


CS-101-2000 Blade Sharpener (Big Red)

CS-101-2000 Blade Sharpener (Big Red)

The CS-101-2000 Professional Clipper Blade Sharpener takes the guess work out of sharpening hollow ground blades. With this time tested and proven machine, you will be able to sharpen 15 to 20 sets per hour. At $6 per set, you can create a great part or even full time income. The CS-101-2000 has a 14" double-sided precision ground aluminum honing plate (16" double-sided also available). Depending on the condition of the blades, you can sharpen 700 to 1000 blades on each side of the plate before re-surfacing is necessary. The key to the CS-101-2000's great performance is superior engineering. This machine has only three moving parts. No belts or pulleys to replace. Breakdowns and repairs are practically eliminated.

The motor is a 1/2 HP single speed motor that turns 1725 RPM (220V available upon request at no additional cost). The CS-101-2000 is built with a 16-gauge steel construction, includes a dust guard and is equipped with handles for easier mobility. At 17.5" x 17.5" x 13" high it's a real space saver. It’s self adjusting, no need for measuring blocks. Requires no special assembly. Each machine comes with enough supplies to sharpen 1000 blades.

CS-101-2000 Sharpening Machine Complete comes with enough supplies to sharpen 1000 blades

  • Machine
  • Dust Guard
  • 14" Micro-Serrated Aluminum Double-Sided Plate (16" cast plate, add $200)
  • One Pound Premium Honing Powder
  • Plate Charging Block
  • Power Magnet
  • Deluxe Socket Setting Gauge
  • 8oz Plate Lubricant/Cleaner
  • 8oz Spray Adhesive
  • 2oz Clipper Blade Start-Up Oil
  • 100 Plastic Bags to Return Sharpened Blades
  • One and a Half Hour Training DVD
  • 8oz Sample of Degreaser
  • Sample Test fur & Test String
  • The Edge Pro Parts Package (clipper parts for Oster and Andis)

This machine is a real money maker. 



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